Taking a Bite Out of Motherhood


Full Name: Carrie Belcher (previously Wildman)
Occupation (outside/during MUM hours): Owner + Creator of Franklin Wolf
Kids names: Jasper + Remi
Mum of two, Carrie Wildman didn’t exactly put her feet up when she went on Mat Leave. Instead, she decided to channel her knowledge and interests of her work life (she was a buyer in the retail industry) and her love of motherhood.

“I absolutely love being a mum to my two lovely boys but I wanted to have another focus alongside that,” admits Wildman. “I decided to link the two loves and start creating my own ranges for babies. This started exclusively as a teething brand but 10 months in we are looking at nursery decor and even starting to venture slowly into clothing.”

Very impressive to be growing so much in a short time while still juggling two kids.

Carrie says she ordered sample beads from many suppliers to make her beautiful teething accessories that allow mums to wear them as practical/teething-friendly jewellery.

“I have two suppliers in Canada who create my silicone beads in some really beautiful colours and shapes. We are in talks to now start creating branded beads and exclusive Franklin Wolf colours. We have bi-monthly shipments of beads and whilst we wait for them to arrive I get designing! The postman has come to know us quite well and he knows the excitement in my house on delivery day. I make all the products at home in my dining room but I’m currently Pinteresting office ideas!”

So from making each teething ring in her dining room to shipping all over the world, Carrie says she does a happy dance with every order that comes through.

“I honestly thought I would be sending out one order a month, likely to someone I knew! I’ve been so lucky with how much the Instagram community has accepted and helped me on my way. I feel so lucky to be able to embrace my creativity and make lots of friends along the way.”

Carrie says she has to schedule in business time when she can and has dedicated Mondays and Tuesdays to being 100% present for the boys.

“That means no emails, no post office and no making. Then my eldest attends nursery the rest of the week and I utilise baby’s nap time! Some days it feels like I’m absolutely bossing it and getting everything done and more. Others, I have to do what I can and make sure I hit my targets but ultimately I am a mother. I’ve found that even when the kids are in bed and the chores are done I don’t ever really switch off from it but I think that’s because it holds a lot of my passion. If it wasn’t fulfilling I think I’d be able to forget about it during downtime. I prefer it how it is!”

After deciding to focus on Franklin Wolf full time and not return to her previous job, Carrie hasn’t slowed down. The company has many new products in the pipeline and hope to have a full calendar of markets and gift fairs in 2018.

“I think it’s really easy when you become a Mum to have that be ‘all that you are’. Being a Mum is awesome and a huge life change but it’s so important to remember that you are still you. If you want to start your own business or if you want to start a new class, a blog…anything then the only obstacle is time management and that CAN be managed.

My babes will always be my priority but being Mum doesn’t hold me back. They inspire me to be better and to make a success of Franklin Wolf. I used their middle names for the brand name to remind me that the two worlds can absolutely live alongside each other.”

Carrie – you’re living proof that being a mum is a superpower. Please keep creating and we’ll keep gushing over your creations.

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