The Morning Maker: Bex Walker


Name: Rebecca Walker

Company: BEXFAST

Mum of: Daughter, Tyler Drew

All of us mums (unless you’re an absolute body goddess), have battled with the post-baby bulge and at one point realised that our habit of eating cake every day during pregnancy, sadly, can’t last. So once bubba is born, we – mostly with a feeling of dread – embark on a journey to find a healthy lifestyle that fits with our ever-changing new reality. However not many of us started a successful company from our cake-substituting experiments.

That’s one reason why BEXFAST founder Rebecca (Bex) Walker’s story is so interesting. She started her company, which makes a line of amazing vegan breakfast pots, by accident (her words!).

“Pregnancy had turned me into a full time cake addict but once my daughter was born I made the decision to sort myself out and get healthy. I needed to find a way to curb the sweet cravings without eating junk so I started making these little pots of overnight oats and adding loads of delicious natural food. After posting pics on Instagram people started asking to buy them which I thought was crazy but when my friend started a boot camp I asked to sell them there and sure enough they started selling out and people from Instagram were turning up to buy them! It all went from there really.”

Bex admits running a business as a full-time mum can be trying at times. She says she wears many hats in her company but she manages to do it all by making her daughter Tyler part of every aspect of the business.

“I am the only one working for me at the moment so I’m literally the delivery guy, the factory worker, the cleaner, the secretary, marketing…everything! Tyler, my little girl is involved in all aspects of what I do.

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She is probably the reason for half my Instagram followers, I’m under no illusions haha! Having her involved is really helpful as she feels invested and almost like a responsibility to help get everything done. She comes on deliveries when she’s not at school, I let her draw on the labels to add a little personal touch, she gets to know all the shop owners and often ends up behind the counter beeping things on the till or making juices! It makes such a difference, I don’t think I could work as hard if I didn’t get to see her all week.”

So how is she coping with it all?

“Haha sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m coping too well! It is a lot of work and has forced me to get a lot more organised than I used to be. It’s just one of those things where everything has to work together so somehow you just make it work. It helps that I run because I often find myself running from meetings or deliveries to get back to pick my daughter up from school! Having a healthy diet really helps as well as my food really energises me rather than making me tired.”

She has the healthy food angle covered but Bex also finds the time to keep fit too. Exercise is a necessity for her and she once again makes her daughter part of the routine.

“I have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and the way I have learned to manage it is through eating a really good plant based diet and bodyweight exercise, it literally keeps me well so I have to find time to squeeze it in, even if I’d much rather sit down for a half hour! I also get my daughter fully involved in what I’m doing so if the only time I have to workout is when we are both at home then she does it with me! It’s so fun and I think her learning how important it is at such a young age is great. We run to school, we run round the garden, we run to the shops. Just have to keep going until it’s bed time basically!

The fitness stuff is really integrated into my brand as well because it’s so important for me and I just want to show mums that life doesn’t have to stop when you have kids, it can actually be so much more than it ever was before!”

 Bex says she has been overwhelmed by all the support she’s received; from friends and family, to her first customers or even complete strangers who go out of their way get to the shops she stocks. She says her biggest obstacle to overcome was…herself.


I think the biggest thing for me has been believing that I am capable of doing all these things I have never done before and really believing in myself and the product enough to go out and pitch or talk to brands and PR. I have no previous business or marketing experience so it’s been ‘on the job’ training from day one and at times I have felt out of my depth but it’s actually a great way of learning quickly and because you are coming from a genuine place of passion it comes across in what you do and I think people really like that.”

Bex’s advice to aspiring entrepreneur mums out there is as genuine and real as she is.

“Do it. Try it out. Get your friends/family involved. Get online and start promoting what you do. Be prepared to work your ass off but most importantly believe that you can do it! There’s no difference between you and the person you follow on Instagram who’s doing really well, they’re just out there doing it. What do you have to lose?!”

Powerful stuff from an incredible mum!

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