Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves…

Welcome to MumPowered: The Blog

Frankie and I have been friends for over 7 years and one of the key reasons for that is we have always fed off each other’s positive energy. Our belief that we can ‘do it all’ has come from the stories of the many extraordinary women in our lives. In fact, it’s those women who have inspired us (whether they realise it or not) to take the first steps in starting our own company.

From the moment MumPowered started to solidify in our minds, we knew that we wanted to pass on that feeling of ‘anything is possible’.

That’s where The Blog comes in. We want to highlight the stories of mums who are doing motherhood, and more, in a BIG way.

They’ve started profitable businesses; gotten fit against all odds; managed to take organising a household to a new level; found an alternative to the regular schooling system, or negotiated a back-to-work programme that works for their family. There are so many stories and each is important.

Basically, these mums are kicking ass and bringing up babies at the same time.

We believe when you’re surrounded by inspiring people, it inspires you to feel better about yourself and what you’re doing. It may even be that little push you needed to try something new.

Motherhood is hard. We know that. So we hope this blog will be a space you can count on to make you smile and give you hope that there is life beyond nappy changes.

Jeanie and Frankie x  logoweb



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