My Life in Cute Yoga Pants – The Not-So Yummy Mummy 

My son is now almost 14 months old. After my first year of being a mother I can say that almost every aspect of my life has changed. Most of it is for the better…except one part.

When I had visions of myself as a mum (long before I was even pregnant) I always thought I would be a yummy mummy. Maybe I didn’t assume I would be that way but I definitely aspired to be that hot mama.

I envisioned a svelte, fashionable, energetic, hair-done, nails-done, cutely-pushing-my-latest-model-stroller, dressed in the most fashionable of yoga attire, mum.

That was me as a mum…in my head.

HOWEVER…the reality has turned out to be, well, less cute. Less yummy in fact.

I was able to keep it together for the first couple months. I spent most of the summer post pregnancy in lovely summer dresses. A huge reason for this was admittedly due to the fact that I had 50 extra pounds to carry around, so quite frankly, nothing else fit. But at least I kept wearing make-up and my hair was always done.

Fast forward a year and somehow the older the boy gets, the less I brush my hair. I’ve suddenly realised that I’ve slowly let myself fall into that abyss of frumpy-clothed, messy-haired, no-make-up motherhood.

I really don’t know how it’s gotten this way and I know it’s not only me.

Fess up ladies – how many of you have found yourself wearing those cute yoga pants out to ‘casual’ lunches/dinners/drinks with the girls??

I know you do, because I see you when I go out. We throw a long sweater over them or pair them with a pair of heels and a jacket and think we’re dressing them up. Here’s the tough reality…only Kate Hudson and her cute little Fabletics yoga line can pull that off. The rest of us look like we didn’t do our laundry this week.

I am guilty. I am one of you. We are yummy mummies because we wear very expensive – but oh so cute – yoga outfits. Right?

It dawned on me today when I put on a pair of jeans to run into town and thought “wow, I’m really dressing up today”.  At that moment I knew I needed to take a look at myself –  like literally pass in front of a mirror once in a while – and rethink my whole yummy mummy definition.

When the HELL did jeans become a fancy part of my wardrobe? I’ve taken the yoga tights to a whole new level. Yes they’re cute, and yes they help make any mum butt look fabulous, and yes, companies like LuLu have basically given us women the ability to live full-time in what are essentially tight-fitting sweatpants…but I seriously need to reclaim my sense of fashion!

Hair and make-up is a whole other scenario. Make-up consists of mascara and maybe some foundation but basically that is me in a nutshell. I could try to claim that I’m aiming to be a natural beauty and I don’t need make-up but I can’t say that because I absolutely need to wear make-up. I look like one of the zombie dancers in MJ’s Thriller video without make-up.

As for my hair – I’ve refused to get the mum-short-bob cut which was made infamous in our parents’ generation (shudder) so my long, wavy hair stays in a clip or ponytail every day. I mean seriously, I could probably shave my head and spend more time on it than my current daily effort.

Now I’m not saying that us mums need to look Hollywood-ready all the time. We’re very busy running the households, working, playing taxi, etc. etc. I just wanted to recommend to anyone out there who feels like I do, to spend a bit of time on you this week.

For you mums who do look amazing all the time (and I see you out in town too), you are magical beings with either insane time-management skills or an unlimited budget for nannies while you tend to your daily beauty routine. I commend you and I appreciate that you give me something to aspire to.

I look tired when I look in the mirror these days. That’s going to happen. I have a gorgeous 1-year-old who doesn’t allow me to sit down – ever- these days. I love that and I couldn’t be happier.

I just need to brush my hair ( I can’t even believe I’m writing this – honestly shaking my head as I type) and make a bit more of an effort on me. Leave the yoga pants at home maybe. Not for anyone else except me. For my own sense of self appreciation.  To remind me that I am the hot mama I always wanted to be.

Jb x

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